■ Injection Molding Machine

>>Normal Series
> HUS70   HUS90   HUS130  
> HUS160   HUS220   HUS270  
> HUS320   HUS400   HUS520  
> HUS650    HUS780   HUS1080   
> HUS1250  
>>High Speed Series
>>Servo Series
> servo injection molding machine advantages  
■ Auxiliary Equipments

>>Hopper Dryer
> Hopper dryer  
>>Auto Loader
> Standard Hopper  
> Honeycle cylinder dehunidification dryer   Drying and Feeding Unit(Two In One)   Dehumidifying,Drying and Feeding Unit(Three In One)  
>>Color mixer
> Rolling Barrel Type   Horizontal   Vertical color Mixer  
> Grusher  
>>Mold temperature control
> Automatic Mold Temperature Control  
>>Cooling Tower
> Cooling tower  
> Water Cooled Cased Industrial Chiller   Air Cooled Cased Industrial Chiller  
■ Blowing machine

■ Moulds
■ Others
> Cap machine   Robot  
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